Neck Shade - (Mesh)

Keep your construction workers and maintenance crews protected from the sun's rays with this lime 2 tone high visibility neck shade with reflective tape. This universal, one-size-fits-all neck shade is designed to easily attach to cap-style and full-brim hard hats. Once in place, it will prevent the user's neck from becoming sunburned while working for extended periods of time in direct sunlight. Thanks to the bright, limecolor and contrasting, two-tone tape, it also helps to draw attention to the user for increased visibility in areas where vehicles and motorized equipment may be driven and operated.

Made of polyester mesh, this neck shade is lightweight and allows for excellent air circulation to keep the user cool. It is also treated with self-extinguishing chemicals, making it fire retardant added safety. Protect your employees and prevent burns or injuries by providing them with this versatile neck shade!

Neck Shade - (Mesh)

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