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First aid is emergency care provided for injury or sudden illness before emergency medical treatment is available. The first-aid provider in the workplace is someone who is trained in the delivery of initial medical emergency procedures, using a limited amount of equipment to perform a primary assessment and intervention while awaiting the arrival of emergency medical service (EMS) personnel.

A workplace first-aid program is part of a comprehensive safety and health management system that includes the following four essential elements:

■ Management Leadership and Employee Involvement
■ Worksite Analysis
■ Hazard Prevention and Control
■ Safety and Health Training

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On-site medical and safety, first aid response & workplace training is a critical component of a safety program. At World Wide Safety we want to ensure that our clients and their employees have every opportunity for a safe workplace. Should an unexpected incident take place, it is critical that every team member knows how to handle a situation, what steps to take while waiting for first-responders. Medical training in the workplace could be a matter of life or death. 

The World Wide Safety Medical team has the latest in medical equipment, CPR training and more to ensure your team knows exactly how to respond.

Contact us today to learn more about our medical training and meet the team; staying proactive to safety.