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Dual Sink
Portable Hand Washing 

One of the biggest benefits of a portable sink is to provide high-quality handwashing wherever it may be needed. As an important first line of defense against germs, portable sinks are becoming a popular (and often required) option in areas where traditional sinks are not available. Recently, providing an outdoor handwashing option is gradually becoming the norm.


  • Foot pump allows for hands-free cleaning, making it more user friendly.

  • Lower unit sump drain plug allows for easy draining and cleaning.

  • “Quick Fill Port” Easy plug removal with no tools required.  

  • Liquid Soap Dispenser and Paper Towel Dispenser included

  • 22.5 gallon freshwater tank lasts estimated 1,400 pumps of water 


  • Height - 54” (1360 mm)

  • Width - 18.5” (470mm)

  • Length - 31.5” (800 mm)

  • Fresh Water - 22.5 gallons (85L)

  • Gray/Waste Water - 24 gallons (90L)

  • Color - Gray

  • Empty Weight - 75 lbs.    

Portable restrooms

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Top end porta potty rentals are clean and like-new units that are designed specifically to accommodate individuals with special needs. Each unit is meticulously inspected and serviced using our 8-Point Service plan so you can rest assured your unit will arrive in pristine condition and will be kept sanitary throughout your project or event.


  • Seated toilet bowl 

  • Waste tank (390L)

  • Water holding tank (130L)

  • Washing basin; water tap

  • Ventilation pipe 

  • Foot pumps  

  • Mirror

  • In-use indicator

  • Gender sign

  • Skid feet
    Optional features:

  • • Instant antiseptic hand cleanser and foam
    • Freshwater sink
    • Disposable paper seat covers
    • Containment tray
    • Stabilizing stakes


  • Exterior Length: 47" or 1.15m*

  • Exterior Width: 47" or 1.15m*

  • Exterior Height: 91" or 2.3m*

  • Interior Length: 45 1/2"

  • Interior Width: 43"

  • Seat Height: 19 1/2"

  • Holding Tank Capacity: 60 gallon or 130L