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Burke Construction:  Client Spotlight of the Month – March 2020


To serve others is an honor and a privilege, which World Wide Safety takes to heart everyday we go out into the field for our clients to ensure they have the right tools necessary to create a strong safety culture.


On a daily basis, we make promises to our families and loved ones that we will return home safely every day. Taking shortcuts or making unsafe decisions can have an impact on our families that can range from a very small degree, to one of devastation.  Safety is a constant factor that must be adhered, respected, talked about, trained and retrained over and over. 


World Wide Safety recognizes the immeasurable drive and dedication our clients make to safety as a daily priority to ensure their employees are safe and it’s this daily commitment that we want to recognize. With that, we have established our Client Spotlight of the Month to recognize those companies who are making this commitment and have an outstanding performance effort.


Congratulations to Burke Construction, our Client Spotlight of the Month for March 2020!


Burke Construction has an incredible team of leadership, proudly headed by Kevin Burke.  He has surrounded himself with a management team and an unbelievable team of employees who truly live by their founding principles—keeping the focus about the people and the community they serve both in and out of the industry. 


When it comes to safety, Burke Construction's commitment is unsurpassed, “No matter the size or sector of your business, having a health and safety management system in place to ensure a safe work environment for our employees is a prime concern. Who you hire to oversee policies and procedures, as well as accident prevention; needs to have knowledge of safety regulations, OSHA requirements, and have contacts with industry regulatory agencies.  World Wide Safety gives Burke Construction Group peace of mind that its business is adhering to all health and safety measures. World Wide Safety provides a wide breadth of experience in dealing with the regulatory agencies, risk management, and safety training, and holds the proper qualifications that meet Burke Construction Group’s specific needs.”


Congratulations to Burke Construction on being selected as our Client Spotlight of the Month. With your dedication to your employees’ safety and your continued growth, you will set the standards of innovation in construction, contribute to the growth and expansion of our wonderful city, and provide a safe environment for your employees.