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Safety Tips to Help Avoid Electrical Accidents in the Workplace

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Safety should not be an expense, but an investment to ensure everyone returns home safely!

There are so many unfortunate events that cost people’s lives that occur in the workplace. Take heed to these safety tips to help avoid electrical accidents in the workplace. Never short cut the proper process to get a job done in the field. Unfortunately, electrical accidents are amongst the highest rates of occupational deaths in multiple industries including construction, mining, fishing, engineering and so much more!

Take time to inspect your tools

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Before you go out on the field, inspect your tools and equipment. Don’t rush to complete your job at the expense of your life. Your equipment and cords should be inspected every time you undergo another job. Never assume that your equipment is in its proper conditions. Take time to connect, clean and dry your cords and equipment whenever applied.

Equip yourself with the correct PPE

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Personal protective equipment should be the first line of defense for every laborer in the field. Utilize the correct equipment to prevent shock and electrical burns to save your life. Wear the right protection on your body. Be an example to others by using PPE the way it was intended: to keep you safe!

Stay educated about electric shock in the workplace

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Safety matters and you need to increase your knowledge about the right procedures that need to take place. The lack of knowledge is not a good enough reason to lose your life or worse, the lives of your employees. Invest in a safety program that shares the truth and knowledge about the workplace and its potential setbacks. Never assume your team is educated about their task or job surroundings. Instead, take precautious steps and invest into their lives by staying proactive to safety in the workplace.

Occupational deaths caused by electrical accidents continue to increase with companies, organizations and entities refuse to stay proactive. Safety matters because it helps people return home safely to their loved ones daily. Don’t wait for a tragic accident to react! Think of innocent beings like this young man in Samoa who lost his life from being electrocuted on a power line. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and those effected from the lack of safe procedures and correct PPE. 

safety tips to prevent electrical accidents in the workplace

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