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World Wide Safety Brings OSHA Training to Samoa

World Wide Safety OSHA Training in Samoa

Safety Culture Changes for the Best in Samoa

When Virginia Toalepai established World Wide Safety, she had a vision to become the largest safety company in the world. Through her relentless efforts and persistence, Toalepai was able to land a new client who will be equipped to stay proactive to safety – in Samoa!

While the ink is still fresh, contracts will be finalized later this month. World Wide Safety is excited to help Samoa move forward with their safety culture. Providing the proper equipment and OSHA trainings, safety teams in Samoa will be well educated in the field.

OSHA training provided by World Wide Safety 

Unfortunately, resources are limited in the South Pacific and lives are lost due to unsafe practices. Last year, OSHA cited a store in Manu’a for poor practices when three workers were electrocuted on site1 and this could have been prevented if proper training was provided. Another instance included an accident in 2013 when McConnell Dowell Constructors was fined for nine serious violations of workplace safety standards2 where another life was lost due to similar circumstances.

Lives are at stake when best practices are not executed, and World Wide Safety is determined to bring more knowledge and understanding to foremen, subcontractors, superintendents, general contractors and everyone in between, so preventable tragedies do not continue.

World Wide Safety hits the ground running on April 24, 2019 and we look forward to helping Samoa remain proactive to safety!

World Wide Safety keeps safety first




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