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COVID-19 is here to stay, and it's left its mark on our city, our country and on the world.  

We need to move forward and be proactive in finding better and healthier ways of interacting with one another so we can reopen our businesses across our country.  Rush-hour traffic has faded away as odd as it seems to type the words...I sort of miss it.  The some-what empty grocery store shelves is still a bit foreign to see.  Even the blue tape leading up to the cash registers occasionally catch me off guard and I'll immediately stand behind it in hopes that no one saw me not following the rules.  The 'norm' that existed a couple of months ago will no longer be the norm.  

In always looking for the silver-lining in things, I have found that relationships have taken on a more important role.  Relationships with co-workers and becoming more personal, long distant friendships have been rekindled, and family has become more important than ever.  I am seeing families picnicking at neighborhood parks at 2PM on my way back to the office from lunch.  Wednesday trash day has turned into Tuesday 7PM Neighborhood Trash meeting, where a cold beer or a glass of wine is enjoyed from a lawn chair or office chair to catch up on the latest COVID news or press updates.  Last weekend my family along with a few friends got onto ZOOM and we watched a movie together.  

I guess, what I am trying to say...is that we need to find the good things, be positive, continue to help one another get through this COVID pandemic.

Because we are: #alonetogether #Vegasstrong #Weareworldstrong #Familymatters #Safety1st #Worldwidesafety