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Safety Tips for Children: Information that Will Prevent Tragedy!

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Your child should know these safety tips to ensure they never fall victim to preventable tragedies

Unfortunately, the next generation is under attack and we want to help save as many as possible. Kidnapping grows rapidly, but these simple tips can decrease the staggerign results thus far. Over 2,000 children go missing every DAY in the United Sates. Children deserve to be protected and informed about the dangers in the world. Prevention is better than the cure, so utilize these simple tips to help your child avoid potential tragedies. Share this information with your child to ensure he/she never becomes a victim to lurking predators.

Never play in an area alone

Children have a wild imagination. They believe in imaginary friends and can get lost in a world they created without even knowing. Always supervise your child when you are out and about. Surround your child with other children to play with, while you keep an eye on them. Before play dates at the park or fun time at the pool, educate your child about the areas in which they can venture to, so they understand the boundaries.

Never take candy, phones or other 'fun' devices from people they don’t know

Predators may or may not use other children or teens to lure other kids away. Make sure your child is cautious of the people he/she interacts with. Never allow them in an unsupervised area. Children are innocent and love conversing with everyone, but make sure their awareness is built just as much as (if not more than) their social skills. Do not engage with adults who voluntarily give you their cellphone or tablets; this 'free' entertainment can be the most expensive enjoyment your child plays with.

Never ride in cars without your parents

Teach your child to ride in cars with their parents or other adults their parents give physical consent. When predators approach children, they lure them in with “Your mom/dad said to come with me…” or “It’s a surprise, so mommy/daddy asked me to…” Unfortunately, predators use these tactics to build trust with the child and recovery of the missing child is slim to none. Make sure your child knows who can and cannot ever pick them up, no matter what.

In case your child is abducted in public, use these tips to escape!

Find a way to lock on the predator’s legs with their arms and legs

Teach your child to fight through the attacker’s arms to get to their legs. A predator will not have much time to waste when attacking a child, so be sure to educate your child on this vital technique that will help them escape more than likely. Instead of crying or whining (because it will just look like a parent disciplining their child), have your child drop the ground and squeeze their attacker’s legs with both their feet and arms, locking up in a figure eight.

Scream FIRE and HELP loudly and frantically

Make sure your child understands that crying is not going to help them if someone successfully grabs them. Teach your child to yell, “Fire” or “Help” as loudly and hysterically as possible. While they are clung to the predator, this will cause a scene and direct more attention to the screaming child, giving them a chance to escape and find their parent or trusted authority.

Now, don’t keep your child in a bubble, but be aware. Do not be naïve when it comes to your child. Predators are all around, mixed in with good people who have no ill agenda to harm your child, but it is better to be the safe than sorry. Education is more than knowledge from books in a classroom and safety is more the hard hats and work boots. Remain proactive to safety with the most precious gifts you’ve been give – they call you mommy and daddy!