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Benefits from Laughter to Help You Succeed

benefits of laughter from world wide safety

Success begins with a little more laughter!

There are so many benefits from laughter that people neglect, and it could be the missing link to your success as a spouse, parent, employee or friend. With so much darkness in the world today, it can be difficult to laugh every day. From shootings in New Zealand to the increase of suicide from bullying, reasons to laugh seem to decrease. Thankfully, there are still good people in the world who are working towards forward progress more than ever – and it starts with a simple smile that progresses into a chuckling laughter! 

It’s been said that laughter is medicine to the soul, and scientific research continues to prove this statement correct. Increase your laughter daily so you can succeed in the classroom, at work or on the field! Laughter is good for whomsoever.

Laughter Reduces Stress

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Life is amazing – ENJOY every part of every day! Even on your ‘bad’ days, laugh a little and release some unnecessary stress. While bills pile up, kids act out of line, and your boss adds more and more on your plate, stop and take a breather. In between your tears, let out a roaring laughter to alleviate some of life’s common stresses. Today is a gift, so enjoy the present and laugh loudly and frequently.

Laughter Creates Stronger Relational Bonds

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When you connect with your spouse, coworker, child, teammate or a random stranger, allow laughter to guide you! Laughter initiates an emotional experience that has great feedback, allowing you to increase your connection with the other person. Surround yourself with positive, vibrant and joyful people who love to laugh. Watch your outlook on life increase tremendously. Unfortunately, hang out Debbie Downer from work or Negative Nancy from church and you will find yourself isolated away from society, stuck in your house with 20 cats because you chose to avoid enjoyable human interaction. Don’t be that cat lady, Sharon! Make friends and find things to laugh about every day.

Laughter Reduces Anxiety

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Unfortunately, anxiety runs rampant in modern society, especially in our children! Anxiety leads to depression, suicide and other isolations, but laughter increases confidence, performance and self-esteem. Imagine if schools were mandated to show funny and appropriate movies or sitcoms while class was in session, more students would have opportunities to laugh and actually enjoy their learning experience. Maybe, bullying would decrease if resources in the education system emphasized more laughter, instead of robotic memorization. Until research proves this theory, just focus on bringing more laughter into your home, office, school and any other place you frequent. Spend time with your children and laugh a little more than you did yesterday.

Laughter Burns Calories

benefits from laughter world wide safety kids

Who needs a gym pass when you can just laugh uncontrollably? It may not be your favorite Zumba class or that powerlifting session with your buddies, but laughter burns calories! A healthy diet should include multiple sessions of laughter and giggle sessions. Entertain your friends or family with some jokes or leave the jokes to the pros and watch a stand up together. Laughter allows you to burn calories together in your pajamas any place at any time. The more you laugh, the more calories you’ll burn. Stay consistent and you might see some results with a new summer body or choose to be Grouchy Gary and suffer from an insulated, winter-only, fluffy body during all four seasons.

Laughter is amazing and the benefits go on and on. Focus on the brighter side of things and find ways to laugh at your shortcomings and the struggles you face today. Enjoy each day with a smile and infect others with your positive attitude that brings laughter everywhere you go. Don’t underestimate the power of your laughter. Success is so much easier to attain when you’re not stressed out!